Deep Tech Innovators - Online Advanced Course

Learn from Deep Tech experts, visionary entrepreneurs, and forward-thinking companies and work together for creating innovative solutions for the agrifood sector.



The agri-food sector faces several challenges related to the scarcity of natural resources, population growth, and climate change. The level of competitiveness and the risk associated to this economic sector led to the need of an increased productivity. One solution to this problem is to utilize advanced technology, as proposed by Deep Tech Innovators advanced course. This course integrates knowledge in four areas of advanced technology, designated as Deep Tech (biotechnology, clean tech, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and robotics), and entrepreneurial and innovative capabilities to regenerate agri-food losses, transforming the challenges of the agri-food sector into business opportunities.


The Deep Tech Innovators course is financially supported by the EIT HEI Initiative – Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education, funded by the European Union.