Salmonella and eggs – a matter of cooling?

Sexta-feira, Setembro 30, 2022 - 14:15

Please join us on the 30th of September 2022 starting at 14:15. No need to register - just show up.

Auditório Comendador Arménio Miranda (EBI -100) 

Vânia Ferreira is our guest speaker.

In Europe salmonellosis is the second most common zoonosis in humans with 52,702 confirmed cases in 2020. Salmonella was responsible for 22.5% of the total foodborne outbreaks. Eggs and egg products were associated to 44% of these outbreaks. Undercooking, storing at temperatures that allow growth, and cross-contamination are the most common factors associated to salmonellosis. Due to the health impact of Salmonella in eggs and that most foodborne outbreaks, sporadic cases and hospitalisations are related to mishandling practices in the domestic environment, consumers should be advised regarding the procedures of storage and handling of eggs and egg products.