Biofabrication of knee meniscus orthopedic implants using natural-based biomaterials

Sexta-feira, Janeiro 27, 2023 - 14:15

Please join us on January 27th, 2023 starting at 14:15. 
No need to register - just show up in EBI 017.

João Pedro Bebiano e Costa is our guest speaker.


Knee meniscus is vital for knee function. More than 0.4 million surgeries are performed on meniscus per year in Europe. The current available treatments have high re-operation rates, need long periods of rehabilitation and lead to early osteoarthritic changes in the knee. Tissue Engineering has been revolutionizing the development of functional tissues, making them great alternatives to achieve a better, faster and effective worldwide patient care. Therefore, the combination of 3D printing with high-resolution imaging techniques can be a powerful tool to closely mimic the knee meniscus. Combination of 3D printing with patient’s own cells can provide endless possibilities to fabricate “on-demand” implants. Thus, this talk will address the development of patient-specific implants for knee meniscus replacement.