Signal and Electromagnetism

5 ECTS / Semester / Portuguese

Objectives and competences

Recognize the applications of Electromagnetism and Waves in Biomedical Sciences: Understand the importance of the various types of radiations of the electromagnetic spectrum in biomedical applications; Present and describe relevant applications of electromagnetism and waves propagation in science and technology; Identify magnetic and dielectric materials and their biomedical applications;

Understand and apply the concepts related to the physics of electromagnetic waves (Training based on electromagnetism and waves; Understand the concept of field in the formulation of the laws of electromagnetism and while mediating entity of physical interactions; Understand the interactions associated with electrical and magnetic structure of matter; Understand the wave concept; Derive and present laws and methods of electromagnetism and wave propagation in elastic media under phenomenological perspective.


Teaching Methodologies

Theoretical and practical classes with students’ permanent involvement.

In the lectures where exposure and discussion of the covered topics is done by presenting practical examples and experiences with viewing videos and conducting experimental demonstration activities are fundamental for students can recognize applications Waves and Electromagnetism in Biomedical and to understand and apply physics concepts relating to electromagnetic waves (Get training in basic electromagnetism and waves; Understand the concept of field in the formulation of the laws of electromagnetism; Understanding electrical and magnetic interactions associated with the structure of matter; Understand the concept of wave; Derive and present the methods and laws of electromagnetism and wave propagation in elastic media in a phenomenological perspective).

Theoretical-practical classes where students take the discussion and resolution of problems relating to covered topics in the lectures as well as achievement/ experimental demonstration activities assist the consolidation and application of the physical concepts related to electrostatic, magnetostatic and electromagnetic waves, as well as strengthen the mathematical foundations (Derive and apply concepts and methods of vector analysis and integral calculus in space).



  1. Introduction to Waves and electromagnetism.
  2. Electrostatic.
    - Atomic structure and Electrification.
    - Electromagnetic field proprieties.
    - Charges and electrical forces.
    - Conductive and insulating materials.
  3. Electric field and potential.
    - Field and potential produced by point load systems.
    - Field lines and equipotential surfaces.
    - Critical points of the electric field.
    - Electric flow and Gauss's law.
    - Field and potential in the conductors.
  4. Electrical capacity.
    - Insulated conductors.
    - Condensers
    - Electrostatic energy
  5. Magnetic field.
    - Magnetic forces, Torque, and magnetic moment.
    - Ampere Law.
    - Magnetic materials and technological applications.
  6. Electromagnetic induction.
    - Induced electric field.
    - Faraday and Lenz laws.
    - Electromotive force of time varying fields.
    - Inductance and Self-Induction.
  7. Electromagnetic waves
    - Maxwell's equations.
    - Electromagnetic field in vacuum.
    - Wave equations and proprieties and wave types.
    - Electromagnetic Spectrum.
  8. Biomedical Applications.


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