Values, Vision and Mission


The ESB aims to be a reference institution for higher university education and research in Biotechnology and to be the first choice for training in the food and environment areas and their interfaces with human health.

The ESB intends to be a reliable partner in delivering global responses to current social, scientific and economic development problems. This will be done through knowledge-transfer and the provision of high value-added services, in close articulation with research and teaching activities.



Promotion of the Individual and the pursuit of a full and meaningful life.

To promote the personal development of students and employees, creating a demanding and rigorous teaching and learning environment for all.


Search for Knowledge

To constantly, tirelessly and critically seek knowledge through research and teaching and to make this search the central axis of its mission. To apply scientific and technical rigor and to promote an ethical approach to scientific research.


Freedom and independence

Develop teaching, research, and community relations practices in a free and independent environment.



To promote solidarity as the value that will more fully and better develop the city and the world we are living in, and which we want to have an increasingly human face.


Sustainable development

Promote sustainable development and a positive vision of the future of the region and country, based on courage, pro-activity, innovation and hope.



The ESB's mission is to play a significant role in scientific, social and economic communities through the development of integrated initiatives in Education, Research & Development and Community Relations in the general field of Biotechnology. In this way, the ESB will be recognized as a forum of international excellence with a strong national conscience, which brings forwards and promotes the academic spirit in a humanist perspective and with respect for nature.