Ana Mafalda Queijo Gonçalves Pinto

PhD student in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Minho
Degree in Microbiology

“My journey at the ESB intensified my taste for research in the various areas that Microbiology embraces. Although I am currently deepening my knowledge in the area of Biomedical Engineering, the Microbiology course has provided me with essential tools that can be applied both in the health area and in the food, environmental or industrial areas, for example. The fact that it is so comprehensive gives us a range of choices and makes us independent at work. It is a truly passionate course, both for what you learn and for the people behind each discipline and who accompany us over the years and have always shown us passion and dedication for what they do.”

Ana Sofia Quinta e Costa Neves de Oliveira

Degree in Microbiology at the School of Biotechnology, UCP
Degree in Microbiology

“The degree in Microbiology gave me the necessary foundations to fulfill my dream of becoming a researcher in Medical Microbiology. The rigor, laboratory skills and the development of critical thinking acquired over the four years of my degree were fundamental for my career as a teacher and as a scientist.”

Andreia Poças Alves

Head of the Microbiology Laboratory at the Silliker Laboratory at Mérieux NutriSciences, Portugal
Degree in Microbiology

“The University is highly regarded in this area. The course structure has many practical classes, which are an asset, but also excellent teachers in theoretical and theoretical-practical classes. Its very high, diversified level of demand, which prepares students for excellence in the next phase, provides them with ample knowledge, whether for research, laboratories, routines, or industry, for a wide range of areas. It prepares great professionals and people.”
Photography of Gustavo Fidalgo

Gustavo Fidalgo

Estudante Licenciatura em Microbiologia
Licenciatura em Microbiologia

Escolhi estudar na Escola Superior de Biotecnologia porque a sua oferta educativa e curricular era precisamente aquilo que eu procurava. Assim que li pela primeira vez a brochura do curso de Microbiologia soube que era exatamente aquilo que queria seguir. Logo nos meus primeiros dias de aulas já sinto que estou no lugar certo e que vai ser uma jornada incrível. Sinto-me ainda muito otimista em relação à qualidade do ensino da instituição e confiante que aqui vou desenvolver importantes competências que vou necessitar ao longo da minha vida profissional. Estou ainda confiante que vou ter muitas oportunidades que me vão abrir caminhos diversos, tanto a nível académico como profissional. Mal posso esperar!

Hugo Manuel Lopes de Sousa

General Practitioner and Researcher
Degree in Microbiology

“The Microbiology course came naturally in my academic career as I found myself in the area of life sciences that dealt with microorganisms. The foundations provided during the course together with the stimulus that the professors gave during the 4 years of the course gave me the opportunity to gain skills that I could quickly put into practice when I started doing research. These were the first steps on a path that remains linked to microbiology!”

Joana Gabriela Laranjeira Silva

Manager of the Microalgae Production Unit and Research and Development Area Degree in Microbiology
Degree in Microbiology

“Microbiology has played a very important role throughout the different stages of my life. In an initial phase by improving my critical sense and analysis, which were reinforced with a PhD in the area. Later, it facilitated the job market. In my specific case, integrating R&D tasks with the company's objectives, in the writing and compilation of technical-scientific documents, among others. I also felt that the fact that it was a UCP course was seen as an asset in the job market. On the other hand, there is an interesting group / networking that allows us to get support / ask questions / build projects in different areas.”
João Pedro Pereira

João Pedro Pereira

Professor at Yale University, United States
Yale University, United States
Degree in Microbiology

"My education at the Escola Superior de Biotecnologia opened the door to spectacular professional opportunities."

Luís Miguel Lima Alves de Lencastre

Account Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific and responsible for the Capillary Electrophoresis and qPCR divisions in Portugal
Electrophoresis and qPCR divisions in Portugal
Degree in Microbiology

“The bases obtained with the Microbiology course allowed me to get an in-depth understanding of the reality of the Laboratories. The practical component is, without a doubt, the best there is, as we are left with a complete knowledge of how to work in the laboratory, regardless of our future work area”

Raquel Figueiredo Gonçalves Poças

Project Manager in the B2C commercial department at Unilabs Portugal
Unilabs Portugal
Degree in Microbiology

“Microbiology has always been present in my journey. I bet on the clinical area, even though it is not a well-known degree, and I always managed to demonstrate that we are the future. The pandemic just came to prove it.”


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