1 – These are competences of the Pedagogical Council:

a) To reflect on the teaching/learning practiced at the ESB-UCP and elaborate concrete proposals aimed at improving its quality and the conditions in which it is taught. The Pedagogical Council’s proposals shall be sent to the competent bodies of the ESB-UCP, namely the Scientific Council and the Board of Directors.

b) To give an opinion and/or submit proposals to the competent Organs of the ESB-UCP on the matters submitted to it, namely:

  • i) Rules of assessment, new year regime, and the regimes of precedence and prescription applicable to first- and second-cycle courses;
  • ii) Guidance on pedagogical matters, specifically with regard to methods that ensure the positive development of the teaching/learning processes;
  • iii) Observations regarding pedagogical failures - which must have been previously reported by students, firstly, to the UC regent concerned and, in the absence of a solution, to the cycle coordinator - and propose any necessary measures;
  • iv) Academic calendar and schedule of exams.

c) To contribute to improving the organization and management of study programs, to avoid gaps or overlaps.

d) To comment on the creation of first-, second- and third-cycle courses at ESB-UCP.

e) To organize, in collaboration with the other organs, conferences, seminars and other activities of scientific and pedagogical interest.


2 – These are the specific competences of the President of the Pedagogical Council:

a) To convene and direct Council meetings, as well as to prepare the respective Agenda;

b) To chair meetings, with a casting vote;

c) To carry out the delegation of powers entrusted to them.

d) To dispatch urgent matters of a pedagogical nature, and later submit them for ratification by the Council.