Scholarships and Financial Supports

There are many options available to ensure that all students or candidates wishing study at the Escola Superior de Biotecnologia (ESB) can do so, regardless of their financial situation. Financial awards are also given according to individual performance. The details of these options and awards are outlines below.

To find out more, begin an application process or simply contact a member of staff to assess your situation, you are advised to contact the Students and Employability service of the Universidade Católica in Porto (UCP Porto) by email ( or telephone (226 196 226).


Portuguese Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES) Social Grants

These grants are funded by the Government and are available to economically disadvantaged bachelor's or master's students at public or private universities. The process is set out in the respective "Despacho" (Administrative Order).

Applications must be submitted between June 25 and September 30 of each year, with some exceptions. The criteria are complex; therefore, the services of the Universidade Católica in Porto support the document analysis and preparation of the process.


Portuguese Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES) Grants for Disabled Students

Students with a disability classified as being of 60% or more, may obtain a scholarship equivalent to 100% of the tuition fee. The regulations set period for applications between June 25 – for the following academic year - to May 31 for the academic year in question. The process is simple and non-competitive: providing the student meets the requirements, he or she is granted the scholarship.


Social Support from the Catholic University of Portugal in Porto

Support provided by the UCP Porto has a separate process from that provided by the DGES. Students may apply for both and receive both in a complementary manner. When granted, the support from the UCP Porto consists of an interest-free loan for part of the tuition fee (never all of it). This loan must be repaid after completion of the undergraduate or master’s degree. Those interested should contact the Students and Employability service at the earliest opportunity to verify eligibility and prepare the documentation. The application is submitted each year by the last working day of October, with some exceptions.


J. B. Fernandes Memorial Trust I

The J. B. Fernandes Memorial Trust I, a philanthropic trust administered by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, has given the UCP Porto a contribution to cover the amount that students with social grants would have to pay back later. It is a way of ensuring that these students start their professional lives free of debt from tutorial fees.

The application is included in Universidade Católica's Social Support application, and the results of both are given at the same time.


Alumni Fund for Students

Like the J. B. Fernandes Memorial Trust I, the Alumni Fund allows further financial support to students who receive social grants from the UCP Porto. Similarly, the application is automatic for those applying for social grants.


Benefits for Families

When several members of the same household attend undergraduate and/or master’s courses at the UCP Porto, a reduction in the tuition fees is granted. In short, for any particular family, the 2nd student has a 25% reduction and the 3rd student a 50% reduction in the corresponding fees. Requests for this benefit should be made at the Academic Services during or after the registration period each year.


Portuguese Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES) Excellence Scholarships

These scholarships are financed by the Government and awarded by both public and private Universities. Students with excellent performance are automatically selected, regardless of their financial resources. No application is required. The regulations are defined in this Order, with changes introduced in this other Order.


School of Biotechnology Excellence Scholarships

Each year, the ESB automatically awards the best candidates and students a limited number of scholarships that reward their academic success (for applicants, the award is decided based on their application score). There is no need to apply for them or meet any financial requirements. These scholarships are governed by specific regulations and apply to undergraduate and master’s degrees.


Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD) Award

Each year, the CGD offers €1,000 to the ESB master’s student with the best combined classification of their undergraduate and master’s programs. The award is automatically allocated so there is no need to apply.


S. Francisco de Assis Award

Awarded by the Venerável Ordem Terceira de São Francisco each year, this prize rewards the final-year student of the UCP Porto with the best overall grade.


Other Opportunities

If you have any concerns about financial aspects of studying with us, please get in touch. We analyze each situation individually and find tailored payment plans for each specific case. We also aim to involve students in university activities as a way to contribute to their economic situation and to enrich their curricular experience.