Scientific Committee


  • Prepare, approve and modify its regulations
  • Establish the general guidelines for the organization and orientation of the ESB at the scientific level, and monitor the development of scientific activity
  • Deliberate on the organization, content and amendment of the study plans
  • Approve the allocation of teaching services
  • Propose the creation, changes, suspension or extinction of doctoral courses and groups of disciplines and specializations
  • Issue an opinion about the scientific activity involved in providing services to the community
  • Express its opinion about the acquisition or alienation of scientific or bibliographic equipment and its proper allocation
  • Define the conditions for the admission of candidates to the various academic degrees, as well as the corresponding exams and course attendance
  • Approve the submission of PhD and master's theses to public examination
  • Pronounce on the attribution of honorary academic degrees
  • Propose the constitution of juries for the admission exams to the various courses, for obtaining master's, doctoral degrees and habilitation, and for competitions and their equivalents.
  • Give its verdict on proposals for the hiring of teaching staff
  • Propose or issue its opinion about the invitation of guest or visiting professors or researchers, as well as their reappointment
  • Evaluate the conditions and rules for the equivalence of diplomas or subjects
  • Propose or give its opinion about the establishment or attribution of school and scientific awards
  • Pronounce on any matter submitted to it by the Rector or by other governing bodies of the University or ESB
  • Give its opinion on any other matters that may be assigned to it by law
  • Issue guidelines on pedagogical matters, specifically concerning methods that ensure the proper development of the teaching and learning processes