Maria Emília Brassesco


Generic Bio

She has a PhD in Chemistry and a degree in Biotechnology from the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina. María Emilia Brassesco is a Professor at the School of Biotechnology, where she teaches General Chemistry.

Her research interests centre on the valorisation of agro-forestry and fishery and the development of functional food products and ingredients. She is deeply interested in fruitfully improving the articulation between the academy, farmers, and the agri-food industry to result in a more resilient and sustainable agri-food system. Author of 18 publications in international journals with peer review and 5 chapter books. Invited for 2 oral presentations and accepted for over 5 oral presentations of her research work at different international conferences. Editor of 3 Special issues in high-impact international journals and has been involved in the supervision of 5 bachelor's and doctoral theses. She has supported several national and international projects throughout her career, highlighting her relationship as Project Manager in the last one.  Her expertise was principally related to biotechnology processes, particularly in protein purification and bioactive compounds with experience in food and nutraceutical industries. Her principal interests are related to green chemistry and the circular economy approach.