Molecular Microbiology

5 ECTS / Semester / English

Objectives and competences

This course aims to provide an overview of different approaches currently used molecular microbiology. Going through different methodologies and application areas, students are invited to integrate conventional and molecular aspects in the study of microorganisms and to develop their capacities for critical analysis of scientific information in this area.


Teaching Methodologies

Lectures, tutorials, laboratory work are combined in an active and problem based learning proces.



Students contact with the potential applications and limitations of different methodological approaches (multi-omics; genome analysis, quantitative/detection  methods).
Students area challenged to search and analyze relevant information on molecular microbiology in a polyphasic context (conventional vs. molecular) and to improve their capacity to present and discuss data and information in the context of Molecular Microbiology and its many application fields.


Associate Professor
Célia Manaia has a background in Biochemistry and specialization in Microbiology. Her academic career includes a Bachelor and Doctoral degrees concluded at…