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"NutriSafeLab" project creates healthier options for pastry and bakery products

Tuesday, July 11, 2023 - 14:38

The Faculty of Biotechnology at the Universidade Católica, in Porto, and Grupo Celeste joined forces to improve the nutritional formula of croissants, custard tarts and duck breasts. Two product lines are already on sale.

Croissants, brioche bread and custard tarts with less salt, dyes, half the fat and more fiber. These were the results of the “NutriSafeLab” research project, which sought to improve the nutritional value of some pastry and bakery products today considered as “villains” for health and weight gain.

In partnership with the Celeste Group, a research team from the Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry of the Faculty of Biotechnology at the Universidade Católica of Porto has developed new recipes for brioche and puff pastry. The results point to a reduction of up to 66% in salt, the absence of synthetic additives such as artificial dyes and preservatives, 50% less fat – by replacing margarine with natural oils – and also an increase in fibers and product shelf life.

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