Conceição Hogg

Assistant Professor

Generic Bio

Maria da Conceição B. Moreira da Silva Hogg has been Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Biotechnology – UCP Porto since 1991.

She holds a PhD in Food Science and Technology from the Faculty of Agriculture and Food of the University of Reading, United Kingdom having previously graduated in Chemical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Portugal.

Her teaching responsibilities include several disciplines in the Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes of the ESB in the general area of Food Science and Technology.  These disciplines include Food Processing, Bioreactor Technology, Food Engineering Project, Fermentation and Enzyme Technology, Topics in Biotechnology, New Product and Process Development and Project in Food Engineering and Innovation.

Dr. Hogg has had a number of responsibilities including holding the Frulact Chair of Food Science and Technology and coordinating the ESB’s presence in the Ecotrophelia student competition.  She also manages the ESB’s Pilot Plant and KitchenLab.  Other activities include regular participation in national and international Research and Innovation Projects, supervision of PhD and master’s students and participation in services to external companies, largely in the food and related areas.