Ana Sofia Teixeira Oliveira


Generic Bio

Ana S. T. Oliveira holds a degree in Biochemistry from Faculty of Sciences and Technology - University of Coimbra, a masters degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Porto, and a PhD in Biotechnology, with a specialization in Environmental Science and Engineering from Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Escola Superior de Biotecnologia. Currently, she is a researcher on the wastewater treatment field using the aerobic granular sludge technology. Particular research interests include the application of the aerobic granular sludge technology for bioremediation processes, characterization and valorization of extracellular polymeric substances, the functional dynamics of microbial communities within granules upon stress situations exposure, and microalgae granular biomass for the treatment of wastewater. She is actively involved in research projects being a team member of national and international projects, all devoted to the treatment and valorization of wastewater industrial streams. Ana S. T. Oliveira is also an invited assistant professor of the Bioreactor Technology course and Microbiology and Environmental Quality course at ESB-UCP.