“Open Science” training cycle – Research Data Management

Friday, June 16, 2023 - 14:30 to 16:00

The Libraries of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, in collaboration with the Research and Innovation Office, organize a training cycle focused on Open Science.

The 3rd session, dedicated to the theme "Research Data Management", aims to understand the FAIR principles, raise awareness of good practices for drawing up Data Management Plans and ​identify Research Data repositories.

The training cycle will be open to all interested parties, with no prior registration or limit of participants, simply accessing it through the links available for the purpose for each session, which can be found on the UCP Libraries Portal and on the UCP Libraries Training Portal.

All sessions will be held in Portuguese.

For more information, see the UCP Libraries Training Portal or contact the UCP Libraries training team via email: formacao.bibliotecas@ucp.pt


Remaining initiatives of the training cycle

Open Science | 14 april | 14h30-16h00

This session aims to present the definition of Open Science, ​identify the pillars of Open Science,​ learn about Open Science projects and platforms​ and understand Responsibility in Research and Innovation.

Open Access | 5 may | 14h30-16h00

This session aims to get to know the concept of Open Access and the policies of the FCT and the European Commission, ​identify journals that comply with Open Access policies, recognize predatory publishers and ​present platforms for the dissemination of scientific publications.

Publication and scientific impact | 7 july  | 14h30-16h00

This session aims to understand the main metrics of scientific publication, identify Open Access journals, use good practices in the preparation of scientific production and apply techniques for disseminating scientific production.