Microbiology Project

16 ECTS / Semester / Português

Objectives and competences

The students are expected to apply knowledge acquired in previous curricular units to solve problems and interpret results, and to become familiar with the practices of scientific research and its methodologies.

Increase autonomy in the Microbiology laboratory
Develop the ability to plan and execute experimental activities within the scope of Microbiology
To develop the capability to compile, organize, discuss and integrate experimental results in a written report
Develop the skills to present orally, to a specialized audience, the work done.


Teaching Methodologies

Integration/participation of students in the activities of several research teams.
Students work individually or in groups of two in full integration in the team that hosts them. After an initial period of integration, students work autonomously, always with the guidance of a supervisor, being responsible for the planning and execution of experimental activities and for the analysis, interpretation and presentation of results and conclusions.



The curricular unit includes the development of a research project, integrated in a research team of UCP-ESB or other entity. The students select a theme within a set of available offers.
Given the structure of the curricular unit, a formal syllabus  is not defined (depends on the team/research work in which the students are integrated).


Associate Professor
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Associate Professor
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