Human Nutrition I

6 ECTS / Semester / Portuguese

Objectives and competences

Objectives and Competences

Students must learn the fundamentals of human nutrition, including:

  • Energy value, functions and food sources of macronutrients
  • Functions and food sources of micronutrients
  • Specific nutritional needs of each life cycle (childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, elderly)


Teaching Methodologies

Theoretical classes for the initial approach of the contents and their respective application in practical classes with case-studies



  • Carbohydrates: basic concepts and food sources
  • Proteins: basic concepts and food sources
  • Lipids: basic concepts and food sources
  • Fiber and Alcohol: Basic concepts and food sources
  • Vitamins: Functions and food sources
  • Minerals: Functions and food sources
  • Nutritional Composition of Foods
  • Hydration and Health
  • Nutrition in childhood and adolescence
  • Nutrition in pregnancy and elderly
  • Nutrition Myths: Dairy and Health, Gluten and Health, Alkaline Diets, Vegan Diets, Intermittent Fasting and Health


Invited Assistant Professor
Pedro has a PhD in Food Consumption and Nutrition Sciences in 2015 (FCUP/FCNAUP) and a degree in Nutrition Sciences from FCNAUP. He’s Assistant Professor at…