Ana Paula Guimarães Correia Marques


Generic Bio

Ana Marques graduated in Environmental Engineering in 2001 and has been involved in research since 2000, when she was a researcher at DTU. Since 2002 she has been working at CBQF in the remediation of disturbed soils using plant-based technologies and in the same year was awarded a FCT PhD grant (2002-2007). Since the completion of her PhD in 2007 Ana has also been dedicated to teaching in the Environmental Science and Toxicology areas and supervised and co-supervised undergraduate, BSc, MSc and PhD students in their projects/thesis development. More recently Ana Marques has been working in the area of the energy generation from phytoremediation derived biomass, namely through the production of oils, bioethanol and biodiesel from sunflower and maize used in the remediation of industrial and mining contaminated soils, supervising since then 2 FCT projects and being involved as a team member in others. The importance and quality of her work is reflected in the following indicators: cited more than 1400 times with an h-index of 20.