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Alphamais - Development of new food preparations and functional ingredients based on carob

Tuesday, March 14, 2023 - 14:28

The project also brought new proposals for processing the by-products of carob processing, promoting their full use in obtaining new ingredients. In addition to the impact on enhancing Decorgel's portfolio, it raises the potential of carob as a national product, promoting its integration into new products as a natural ingredient with high added value. Manuela Pintado, a researcher at the Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, explains that “the main results were obtaining new ingredients and functional food preparations, using carob in its entirety, using biotechnological micronization and extraction solutions. of compounds. Carob by-products were also valued in order to obtain ingredients and functional food preparations, exploring the ingredient in its entirety, in a zero waste logic.”

“Alphamais is intrinsically linked to the values ​​of Decorgel and what we believe to be its role in the national fabric,” says António Nunes, CEO of Decorgel, adding that “the approach to using carob in a total way and through a natural transformation seeks to elevate its components to a use with nutritional, functional and technological advantages far above their traditional use.”

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