New book highlights the importance of the food byproducts valorization

Wednesday, January 18, 2023 - 11:21

“Food byproducts management and their utilization” is the title of the new book prepared by CBQF - Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry (Faculty of Biotechnology, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Porto), in collaboration with Universidad Antónoma de Coahuila. This book highlights the importance of valorizing food byproducts and shows their properties with added value for the industry. Edited by Apple Academic Press, it has the participation of the researchers Manuela Pintado, Ricardo Gómez-García, Ana Vilas Boas, Débora Campos, all from CBQF/ESB/UCP, and Cristobal Aguilar González, from Universidad Antónoma de Coahuila.

The book aims to contribute to provide an answer to the serious issue of food byproducts, which generate environmental pollution and result in significative food and economical losses. The book shows how the food byproducts can be employed as renewable raw materials with added value, through their processing using biotechnological methods, among others, thus supporting the zero-waste approach and circular bioeconomy.

This work highlights the food byproducts valorization, explains the processing methods of biological resources for extraction and production of compounds, and emphasizes the growing interest in the development of food ingredients, with a particular focus on the essential role of the biotechnological research on health, environmental and economic issues. It also describes the use of strategies based on biotechnology, good engineering, microbiology and green chemistry fields, as well as other consolidated related methodologies.

This new book contains innovative data produced by researchers with high scientific impact from CBQF and Universidad Antónona de Coahuila, coming from Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Spain, Iran and Japan. This work is attractive for scientists in the field, engineers, undergraduate and graduate students, as well as for industrial managers, governmental entities, and possible stakeholders.

Since its foundation in 1990, CBQF is at the vanguard of biotechnological research applied to the food and environmental challenges. Since 2004, it holds the status of Associated Laboratory, and is assessed as Excellent by the national Foundation for Science and Technology.