Wellcome to our PhD programme!


Embarking on a PhD is always exciting… and scary at times. We live in a dizzyingly changing and challenging world. Finding creative solutions for the challenges we face regarding sustainability and health demands the best from all of us, and that includes you!

At CBQF you’ll find a range of opportunities to embark on an extraordinary experience of science based learning. We boast brand new laboratories with world class equipment, and you’ll join a team of over 200 researchers that are willing to welcome you in and out of the lab. Our scientists built top notch reputations as experts in their fields. From fundamental to applied sciences, you can explore hundreds of partnerships with other universities as well as companies. We care that research holds a deeper societal purpose.

Every journey goes through ups and downs, and that’s a recipe for personal growth. Here you are called to learn, broaden your horizons and evolve within the scientific realm. You can further your career while working for people and the planet. and that’s the best of both worlds.

We are sincerely proud of our community of PhD students and we welcome you to become a part of it. You don’t want to miss the action! Come inspire us all with your fresh ideas and energy, overcome barriers together and dare to be your best self!

Enjoy us, enjoy Porto!


Paula Castro, PhD


Este programa doutoral é co-financiado pelo Fundo Social Europeu (FSE), através do Programa NORTE2020, no âmbito do projeto BIOTECH.DOC (NORTE-08-5369-FSE-000007)

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