Semestral Internship/Thesis in Biomedical Engineering

30 ECTS / Semi-annual / English

Objectives and competences

To foster the development of technical and human skills in the field of Biomedical Engineering, providing direct contact with places of professional activity. The student's ability to solve problems autonomously and the ability to reflect on the individual and team learning process is encouraged.


Teaching Methodologies

Students are encouraged to participate in the definition and selection of the internship, in terms of areas of interest and location. A home teacher is assigned to each student who accompanies the internship, providing support in technical and logistical aspects.



The curricular internship can include work of a scientific nature (research and development) or of a professional nature (performance of functions similar to that of a business manager). The internship is preferably carried out in companies or research centres, in Portugal or abroad (e.g. Erasmus mobility) and should provide technical, professional and cultural learning.


Invited Assistant Professor
Ana Leite Oliveira, is graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. In 2002 she obtained…