Nutrition and Life Cycle

5 ECTS / Semester / Português

Objectives and competences

Increasing the scientific knowledge in the area of Human Nutrition in an integrated and multidisciplinary manner.
Identify the essential role of an adequate nutritional intervention to promote health and wellness at all stages of life, at both  individual and population levels;
To provide knowledge concerning new strategies and tools for health promotion and nutrition education for different population groups.
Understand the beneficial role of biotechnology in developing foods with better nutritional value.
The skills to be acquired are:
Ability to develop, implement and validate strategies and tools for health promotion and nutrition education for different population groups at different stages of life;
Ability to plan and intervene, with multidisciplinary teams, in the development of new products;
Ability to communicate with peers, the academic community and society In general, in the context of Nutrition and Biotechnology.


Teaching Methodologies

The contents of the course will be presented in residential sessions, complemented by seminars given by experts in nutritional sciences or related areas. Topics to be covered in residential sessions will be illustrated, whenever possible, by discussion of case studies that will bridge the gap between theory and practice within a professional context.



  •  Inter-relationship between life cycle and food-nutrition
  • Nutritional requirements and dietary recommendations
  • Strategies For nutrition education.
  • food plans. recommendations
  • Feeding in specific situations
  • specific foods adapted For different age-groups
  • Supplementation
  • development of new products targeted at different age-groups


Assistant Professor
Elisabete Pinto graduated in Nutrition Sciences from the University of Porto in 2003 and got her PhD in Public Health at the same University in 2010. She is…