Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

5 ECTS / Semester / Português

Objectives and competences

The objectives of the unit are to provide basic tools of management and marketing students that can be applied in a context of innovation and development of new products and processes and developing business ideas. The competencies to be achieved are:
  • Knowledge on the various perspectives of the marketing mix and its relationship with the market;
  • Understand the key factors in marketing and their impact on markets;
  • Understand the various aspects of consumer behaviour
  • Understand the factors of competitiveness in various sectors
  • Develop the ability to design marketing plans
  • Develop the capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Develop the capacity to design business model


Teaching Methodologies

Lectures and seminars given by experts in the central areas of Management, Marketing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship to provide an exposition of concepts, techniques and instruments as well as the necessary debate on the structure of knowledge and clarifying understandings.
The development of specific classes will be working on tutorials to support the development of a Marketing Plan and to support the generation and development of Business Models. This work will be followed in elearning platform for publishing and large group discussion and sharing throughout the development process of the work



  1. Core Concepts of Management and Marketing
  2. Market Research and Consumer Behaviour
  3. Segmentation and Strategy
  4. Product and Price Policies
  5. Distribution and Communication Policies
  6. Marketing Plan
  7. Marketing and Innovation
  8. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  9. Business Models
  10. Generation of Business Models


He has a PhD in the subject of Innovation from the School of Engineering of the Minho University (2005). He graduated in Chemical Engineering from the Faculty…