Introduction to Business Studies

6 ECTS / Semestral / Português

Objectives and method

This course aims at making students familiar with the internal and external environment of organisations.

The main topics to be addresssed in the course include the notion of organisation as an open system, made of interdependent internal elements, the organisational environment, the challenges of organisational design, the different organisational structures, people management, and technology management.

The main goals of the course are:                                                              

  1. Rigours adoption of the relevant scientific terminology
  2. Understanding of the various models and theories addressed
  3. Practical application of the terminology as well as the models and theories addressed

In order to achieve these goals, a theoretical-practical model with lectures and workshops is followed. The topics are introduced and depeened in the lectures, based on slides and audiovisual ilustrations. The respective concepts, models and theories are applied to real cases in the workshops, documented by the students as well as the lecturers.



Session 1: Management and managers
Session 2: Definition of organisation
Session 3: Model of organisation
Session 4: Organisational environment
Session 5: Organisational design
Session 6: Organisational structure
Session 7: Evolution of organisational structure
Session 8: Technology management
Session 9: People management


Invited Professor
Luís Pina Rebelo é docente da Católica Porto Business School. É Doutorado em Economia (com Distinção) pela Faculdade de Economia da Universidade do…