Innovation and Entrepreneurship

5 ECTS / Semi-annual / English

Objectives and competences

Develop students' skills and competences to articulate knowledge acquired during their science and engineering training with the needs of society through business development and the creation of new companies based on knowledge and innovation.

To deepen the understanding of the relations between Science, Technology and Management, namely through fundamental tools for the organization of businesses and companies, their main functions, and their factors of production. Characterization of innovation as a factor of production.

Implement and deepen the application of concepts by developing a Business Project for a technology-based idea.

According to the adopted program are specific objectives:

  1. Be able to use and exploit key tools in various functions of Business and Enterprise Management
  2. Be able to design and develop a Business Project to respond to needs and opportunities identified in markets or arising from R&D outcomes.
  3. Be able to understand needs and identify opportunities for knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship.
  4. Define innovation strategies, according to market dynamics and technological development.

Results expected:
Evaluate a market segment and relevant technology
Design qualified information and pitching content
Design innovation strategies for value creation
Preparation of a Business Plan


Teaching Methodologies

Lectures on key concepts.

Presentations of proposed assignments: individual and group.

Mentoring to working groups.

Individual assignments.

Collaborative work based on the electronic platform to support teaching and learning, with open discussion to all students:

  • Monitoring classroom and online participation
  • Tutorial support
  • Electronic platform support



  1. Innovation, Knowledge, and Society.
  2. Management: functions and tools.
  3. Innovation: characterization and management.
  4. Innovation Strategies
  5. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  6. Science, Technology and Management.
  7. Economic Valorisation of Knowledge and Innovation
  8. Business Model Generation.
  9. Business Plan: development and presentation


He has a PhD in the subject of Innovation from the School of Engineering of the Minho University (2005). He graduated in Chemical Engineering from the Faculty…