5 ECTS / Semester / Portuguese

Objectives and competences

Biomaterials is intended to:

  • provide students with a first contact with biomaterials and their biomedical applications;
  • provide fundamental concepts about the physicochemical properties of different classes of biomaterials;
  • show different examples of the application of biomaterials in medical devices and as implant materials;
  • discuss how they condition the interaction with cells and tissues and consequently the Biological response to biomaterials.

Students should acquire the ability to:

  • understand the importance of biomaterials in improving the quality of human life;
  • recognize the scope of the area in terms of multidisciplinarity and requirements related to each application;
  • understand how biomaterials will interact with the organism, and how to assess this interaction;
  • identify the most suitable biomaterials for each application and their combination possibilities.


Teaching Methodologies

The curricular unit is organized into 10 hours of theory, 10 hours of tutorial guidance, 6 hours of laboratory practices and 3 hours of fieldwork. Throughout the T lessons contents are transmitted through expository and interrogative methodologies, enabling the active participation of students. Multimedia projection is used as a didactic auxiliary (slides/videos). In the TO classes are used active methodologies, having the internet as a tool for development of a multimedia presentation. In laboratory classes and during the visit are also used active methodologies.



A. Theoretical classes
I. Introduction to Biomaterials
I.1. Historical context
I.2. Fundamentals and Applications

II.Materials in Medicine: Structure and Properties
II.1. Metallic biomaterials
II.2. Ceramic biomaterials
II.3. Polymeric biomaterials
II.4. Combination of biomaterials

III.Functional biomaterials
III.1. Tissue Engineering
III.2. Smart materials and systems for controlled drug release
III.3. Nanotechnology

B. Tutorial Orientation
I. Group research work
I.2. Presentation: application vs. function of a biomaterial

II.Laboratory Class:
II.1. Processing of a biomaterial.

C. Fieldwork
I. Study visit to a research centre in the field of biomaterials for biomedical applications.


Invited Assistant Professor
Ana Leite Oliveira, is graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. In 2002 she obtained…