World Creativity and Innovation Day: Discover the new CATALYSE Project

Thursday, April 18, 2024 - 15:48

This Sunday, 21th April 2024, is celebrated the World Creativity and Innovation Day.

At CBQF, we are at the forefront of providing innovative knowledge in Biotechnology in pivotal areas - Food and Nutrition Environment and Health- with key impacts on human health well-being and the economy. To celebrate this day, we are excited to unveil our recent project “CATALYSE - Catalysing scientific innovation into food safety action”.


The CATALYSE project is designed to establish a network of food safety stakeholders, with the goal of promoting the adoption of innovative solutions and knowledge throughout the value chain. This network intends to encourage collaboration and the sharing of food safety knowledge, following a model that collects, translates, educates, and facilitates knowledge and practices across our community.  Up to now, you are invited to share your opinion and experience in this stakeholder survey. Its purpose is to understand the main needs from end-users in terms of food safety information and knowledge.

With this survey, you are helping CATALYSE partners understand the target groups’ main needs when it comes to food safety information and knowledge.

Know more about this project in the project Linkedin page