Topics in Biotechnology

5 ECTS / Semester / Portuguese

Objectives and competences

This course aims at:

Promoting critical thoughts on Biotechnology and its role in the development and society sustainability;
 Encourage recognition of opportunities for intervention of biotechnology in different sectors of human activity;
 Promoting the development of biotechnology public awareness and contributing for biotechnology acceptance.

 The skills to be acquired are:

  •  A critical awareness of the potential, specificity, complementarity and risks of different sub-areas of Biotechnology;
  •  Perception of the importance of biotechnology for economic development at the interface innovation and sustainability;
  •  Ability to communicate with peers, the academic community and society in general, in the context of biotechnology.


Teaching Methodologies

Lectures and seminars given by experts in biotechnology and related areas.



1. Biotechnology - from antiquity to the present
2. Biotechnology, Economics and Sustainability
3. Public perceptions of biotechnology: prospects of dialogue with the society
4. Biotechnology as an engine of development of modern societies
4.1. Case studies in food, environment and health areas.


Associate Professor
PhD in Food Science and Technology from the University of Reading UK & Habilitation in the same discipline by the Catholic University of Portugal. Currently…