5 ECTS / Semester / Português

Objectives and competences

This course unit aims at
Strengthen and apply the acquired knowledge and skills in Biotechnology and related issues;
Encourage and develop the skills to search, analyze and handle Biotechnology-related information;
Create a space for study and reflection on various aspects of Biotechnology promoting the development of concepts and skills to explore in the context of the Dissertation;

Skills to acquire

Develop the ability to analyse, evaluate and synthesize and communicate new and complex ideas in a Biotechnology context, of scientific research, enterprise or general public.


Teaching Methodologies

Development of a monography that frame, describe and critically reflect on the theme to address the level of Master's thesis.

Oral presentation and discussion of the monography.



Biotechnology related issues, according to the dissertation topics.


Associate Professor
Graduate of Universidade Católica Portuguesa with a B.Sc. in Food Engineering and a PhD in Biotechnology. Associate Professor with Aggregation at Escola…