5 ECTS / Semestral / Português

Objectives and method

As the first of 3 Project disciplines in this Degree Programme an overarching objective is to introduce the students to the R&D environment and to insist that any strictly scientific component should be framed within its social and economic contexts. It is intended that the students apply knowledge acquired in previous courses in problem solving and interpretation of results and that they become familiar with the practice of scientific research and its methodologies.

Develop individual autonomy and teamworking capacities in laboratory and non-laboratory contexts.

Develop the capacity to plan and execute R&D activities relevant to the chosen Major.

Develop the capacity to compile, organize, discuss and integrate acquired knowledge in a written report.

Develop the capacity to present orally, to a specialized audience, the work developed.

The specific learning objectives for this discipline will be identified in some detail in terms of the skills to be developed and the knowledge to be acquired. Students will be regularly monitored to assure that these objectives are being met. This monitoring will be the responsibility of the Tutorial Team of the Major in question. A method based on Management by Objectives will be employed to determine whether a student is eligible for academic assessment.



The course includes the development of a research project, within an established research team and having a direct supervisor for the research work. The specific projects to be developed will be identified and formulated with the Tutorial Team of the chosen Major.

Given the structure of the Unit, a formal syllabus is not defined.


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PhD in Food Science and Technology from the University of Reading UK & Habilitation in the same discipline by the Catholic University of Portugal. Currently…
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PhD in Biochemical Engineering from University College London (1994), she began her higher education at the Catholic University of Portugal, having graduated…
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