Food and Health

10 ECTS / Semester / Português

Objectives and competences

To provide knowledge on the role of food in health;
To provide understanding on the interaction between the various sectors within the food chain (from primary production to consumption);
To present the hazards and risks associated with each of the food chain components and procedures for their reduction/elimination;
Understanding the economic and social implications associated with safety issues throughout the food chain

At the end of this curricular unit, master students should be able to:

  • Make decisions regarding the formulation of food products according to the impact of their constituents on human health;
  • Collaborate in the preparation and implementation of hygiene plans in agro-food production units;
  • Participate in food safety management teams.


Teaching Methodologies

The unit contents will be presented in residential classes, in an applied context, using examples of real situations as much as possible. These classes will be complemented with seminars taught by experts in Food Science or related areas.



  1. Basic principles on food production
  2. Food consumption (consumer trends, healthy consumption, sociological aspects, consumer protection)
  3. Nutrition, Health and Safety
  4. Food Safety Hazards
  5. Hygiene in food sector
  6. Safety along the food chain: from primary production to consumer.


Associate Professor
Graduate of Universidade Católica Portuguesa with a B.Sc. in Food Engineering and a PhD in Biotechnology. Associate Professor with Aggregation at Escola…