Applied Transport Phenomena

5 ECTS / Semester / English

Objectives and competences

  • Knowledge and understanding of the heat and mass transfer mechanisms.
  • Use of different analytical and graphical solutions of differential equations describing heat and mass transfer (unidirectional) under unsteady state conditions.
  • Use of Newman’s rule, for heat and mass transfer in two or three directions.
  • Analysis of heat and mass transfer processes under transient state conditions.
  • Laboratory practice of heat and mass transfer processes under unsteady state conditions.
  • Establishing the equations of energy balance and design equations for different types of heat exchangers.
  • Use of the methods of correction factor and efficiency factor used in the design of heat exchangers.
  • Comparison of different types of heat exchangers efficiency.


Teaching Methodologies

The basic concepts are explained in the lectures, as well as some practical applications. The concepts presented in the lectures are used for solving exercises during the tutorials, for the completion of laboratory/ project work, and in answering evaluation questions.

The course unit evaluation covers the components of problem solving, by carrying out continuous evaluation, final exam, and project work.



Transient heat transfer:

  • Newtonian heating / cooling
  • Differential equations for transient state unidirectional conduction
  • Application of differential equations solutions for solving problems with or without resistance to heat transfer by convection
  • Application of the Newman´s rule for solving problems involving transfer in two or three directions

Heat exchangers:

  • Design of double tube heat exchangers (parallel and counter flow)
  • Overall heat transfer coefficient; Fouling factor
  • Design of shell-and-tube and multipass heat exchangers

Mass transfer in transient state:

  • Differential equations for unidirectional diffusion in transient state
  • Application of differential equations solution for solving problems with and without resistance to mass transfer by convection
  • Application of the Newman’s rule for solving problems involving transfer in two or three directions


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