Research Project I

30 ECTS / Semester / English

Objectives and competences

Pedagogical Objectives:

This unit leads along with Research Project II, to the preparation of the master's thesis. This is a core component of the course, contributing decisively to the development of research skills. It is intended to foster the development of technical expertise in microbiology and the development of personal skills, a decisive factor for employability and career success.

Expected results:

Ability to conceive, design, adapt and perform scientific research in the field of study;
Knowledge of and ability to apply different methodological approaches;
Ability to critically analyze, evaluate and synthesize new and complex ideas;
Ability to actively intervene, when applicable, in technology transfer between the university and industry


Teaching Methodologies

The work can be carried out in higher education institutions or industry companies in Portugal or abroad (Erasmus mobility). The work will be accompanied by a supervisor and other senior researchers, in order to enable sustainable development research. If done outside the institution sponsoring the Masters, a tutor is appointed as interlocutor between it and the host institution. The work will continue on Research Project II.



The thesis topics are diverse and focus on the application of microbiology in different areas: food, environmental, health and biotechnology.


Associate Professor
Célia Manaia has a background in Biochemistry and specialization in Microbiology. Her academic career includes a Bachelor and Doctoral degrees concluded at…