Critical Thinking I

1 ECTS / Semester / Portuguese

Objectives and competences


  • develop attitudes of active and intervening observer
  • ponder new ideas and concepts
  • reflect in a more structured, comprehensive and profound way
  • take an active role that enables the creation of a more engaging and effective teaching-learning environment
  • communicate authentically, which includes learning to express your point of view clearly and listening carefully to different points of view, striving to gain a deep understanding of them
  • interact with the environment in a conscious and lucid way


  • think with an open mind
  • know how to deal with complex issues
  • formulate questions clearly and precisely
  • identify relevant information
  • identify assumptions, implications and consequences
  • reflect and evaluate with strict criteria
  • communicate effectively


Teaching Methodologies

The methodology is based on active learning (action-thinking-action) that encourages reflection and group discussion on different topics.



  • Introduction to Critical Thinking
  • Recognizing Arguments
  • Basic Logical Concepts


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Assistant Professor
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