Biotechnology Topics

3 ECTS / Semester / Português

Objectives and competences

Introduction to Biotechnology, focusing on its applications in the areas of Bioengineering and Microbiology. Explore key issues in Biotechnology, starting with a historical perspective: what is Biotechnology and how it appeared; Classical and Modern Biotechnology; how it is made and used in the current days and future perspectives; the consequences of its application in the lives of humans and other animals, plants and the environment. Biotechnology as an aggregator of many disciplines, with diverse applications (health, environment, energy, bioplastics, food, new medical devices, etc.). The importance of Biotechnology as a tool for Sustainable Development and Circular Economy. The topic: how can Biotechnology support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDS) for the UN Agenda 2030 will be explored. Teamwork skills will be developed and individual creativity as well as logical reasoning will be stimulated.


Teaching Methodologies

In this UC students develop a project in groups of 3 elements (exceptionally 4) under the guidance of a teacher / researcher; the goal is that by the end of the semester, and as a result of the project developed, each group has been able to demonstrate how biotechnology can be used to meet the goals for sustainable development. The project may have a physical reality, or not. The subject of the project can be proposed by the supervisor or by the students. Students spend at least 2 hours per week in the laboratory and meet weekly with the counselor to plan the work and discuss the results obtained. At the end of the semester all the works are published in an event called "Biotechnology Forum", with presentation through a poster and a brochure.



Lecture 1: Theoretical lecture that will introduce students to the concepts described above, seeking to become familiar with Biotechnology and its applications in bioengineering (food, environment and biomedical) and microbiology. Students will be invited to participate in an online, live and anonymous questionnaire that will evaluate preconceptions about these topics and motivate students to their learning process.

Lesson 2: Theoretical class in which students will get to know the ODS, the concept of sustainable development, and how biotechnology can respond to these challenges. The example of bioplastics will be worked out in detail. Introduction to research at the UCP with relevance to Bioengineering, Microbiology and Management and with connection to Biotechnology.

Lecture 3-12: Tutorial tutorial classes in which the students, in a group, will work a particular ODS with the support of a tutor, for final presentation at a Biotechnology Forum (Lecture 13), to be held during the last week of classes.


Assistant Professor
PhD in Biotechnology (specialty in Biology) from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and from the International Rice research Institute (Philippines). Degree in…