4 ECTS / Semester / Português

Objectives and competences

The objectives of this curricular unit are to broaden the student´s knowledge in the field of microbiology, learn comprehensively the different facets on virus biology, genetics, classification, structure, morphology and epidemiology, reinforce the notion that viruses are microorganisms with a large diversity, with important impacts on human Health and the Environment. It is also expected that the students will acquire knowledge on the different diagnostic and treatment/prevention technologies.


Teaching Methodologies

This course will combine power point theoretical classes in which I will stimulate an open discussion on topics related to virology. Practical classes will be given in which students will learn and test different techniques for virus diagnostics. Laboratorial simulated classes will also be administered, in the informatics classroom, in which the students will learn how to conduct a hemaglutination assay, radial hemolysis, and one step growth. Students will visualize a documentary on the utilization of viruses for bioterrorism, and there will be a discussion about this theme in the form of an open debate.




  1. Introduction
  2. Diversity And Taxonomy
  3. Viral Genetics
  4. Hiv
  5. Animal Viruses
  6. Plant Viruses
  7. Bacteria Viruses
  8. Infeção Viral
  9. Viral Pathogenesis
  10. Viral Infection Control
  11. Flu Virus
  12. Viroides, Virusoides E Prions, Particularities Of The Viral Genome
  13. Revision


  1. Hpv Diagnostic
  2. Hiv Detection
  3. One Step Growth


  1. Documentary


  1. Article Presentation
  2. Theme Presentation
  3. Bioinformatic Techniques


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