General and Clinical Pathology

6 ECTS / Semester / Portuguese

Objectives and competences

To present basic concepts of Pathology
To characterize the mechanisms of cellular, tissue and functional injury
To describe types of lesions in specific organs, relevant to the Nutrition Sciences
To present means of laboratory evaluation that reflect or have an impact on nutritional status or are influenced by it or that allow to evaluate the response of therapeutic interventions, including food and nutritional ones.
To demonstrate the relevance of nutrients and bioactive compounds of the diet in pathological processes


Teaching Methodologies

The Course Unit is composed of lectures, as well as theoretical-practical classes where the basic concepts of Pathology will be reviewed and explored, and images illustrating these concepts will be analysed and, whenever possible the importance of nutrients or bioactive compounds supplied by the diet in the pathophysiological process will be discussed.



Introduction to General Pathology and Nutrition. Cellular responses to stress and toxic damage: adaptation, injury and cell death. Cellular inflammation and repair. Hemodynamic changes, thromboembolic disease and shock. Diseases of the immune system. Neoplasia. Nutritional imbalances. Environmental pathology. The cardiovascular system. The respiratory system. Hematologic pathology. The gastrointestinal system. The liver, the biliary system and the pancreas. The kidney. The endocrine system. Basic clinical pathology with relevance to Nutrition Sciences (blood count and CRP, renal function and glomerular filtration rate, liver and digestive function and injury markers, urine analysis, brief hormonal analysis and metabolic dysfunction scores).


Invited Professor
2001 Licenciatura Ciências da Nutrição FCNAUP 2007 Doutor Medicina / Biologia Humana FMUP 2014 Mestrado Integrado Medicina FMUP