Biomedical Engineering Project

10 ECTS / Semi-annual / English

Objectives and competences

  •  Integration of technical knowledge and capacities acquired along the MSc program, and also in the previous BSc one, in order to enable the resolution of problems in applied settings of the biomedicine field.
  • Development of capacities linked to the job market.


Teaching Methodologies

Groups of 2 to 4 students work in subjects proposed by the lecturers or by the groups themselves. Those proposals can derive from research ongoing at CBQF-ESB.

The groups have weekly meetings with the lecturers for discussing the work progress and plan the next steps. Visits to different external organizations are offered, as well as seminars by professionals in the field, that also include transversal issues such as “entrepreneurship” or “how to launch a company”.



Principles and techniques for carrying out an integrative project in applied and multidisciplinary contexts.


Associate Professor
Prof. João Paulo Ferreira has a diploma in Chemical Engineering from Porto University, 1987, and a Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute…