There are so many good reasons to choose our school, here are some of them:

Excellence in teaching

Highly qualified academic staff and a modern scientific-technological environment.

Employability and personal recognition

Our graduates are particularly desired by the job market, many gain prominent positions in health, environment, and food industry.

State of the art research centre

The School includes the Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry, whose excellence in several areas of Life Science and Engineering is recognized nationally and internationally.

Personal growth and integral knowledge

Students are invited to work in teams, enhance oral and written communication and develop critical thinking skills.

"Hands-on" designed programs

Due to a personalized and close teacher-student relationship, students learn by planning, experimenting, and doing.

A Starting point for entrepreneurship

We have a business incubator that has been promoting business projects in the biotechnology field since 1994, supporting the students to start a business in parallel with academic training.

A multidisciplinary environment

We are integrated on the Catholic University Porto campus, which includes several faculties that promote open interaction and make available their curricular offer.

Strategic partnerships

Close collaboration between the School and several national and international companies enhances the proximity between the master's students and the job market.

International mobility

In its three decades of existence, the Faculty of Biotechnology has already placed more than 1000 students on international internships.

Volunteering and community outreach

Through the Unit for Integral Development of the Person, a set of differentiating personal development experiences are offered.