New Strategies for Molecular Identification in Wine

Sexta-feira, Dezembro 17, 2021 - 14:15

Universidade Católica

Rua Diogo Botelho, 1327
4169-005 PORTO
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Novas estratégias para identificação molecular no vinho

Ana Rita Monforte will talk about New Strategies for Molecular Identification in Wine on the 17th of December 2021 starting at 14:15. No need to register - just click here:

Wine metabolomics constitutes a powerful discipline towards wine authenticity assessment through the simultaneous exploration of multiple classes of compounds in the wine matrix. For a robust extraction of chemical information using sensors such as mass spectrometry several parameters should be considered, in particular: (i) meaningful information on experimental design, (ii) sample collection, (iii) sample preparation, (iv) chemotype analysis, (v) data analysis (vi) metabolite annotation, and (vii) basic ontologies. In this study two perturbations were studied in white wines. For molecular identification a targeted metabolomics methodology was developed, including the determination and quantification of phenolic compounds from different classes (hydroxycinnamic acids, hydroxybenzoic acids, stilbenes and flavonoids). Moreover, other compounds were detected and tentatively identified via a robust suspect screening workflow. Supervised chemometric techniques were employed to build an accurate and robust model to discriminate between wine samples oxidation status.