The Faculty of Biotechnology (ESB) of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa has the mission of intervening in the scientific, social and economic communities through the development of teaching, research and development and extension initiatives in the biological sciences and engineering fields.
For the last 30 years, ESB has been a respected supplier, both nationally and internationally, of high level education (BSc, MSc, PhD) in the general area of biotechnology, with a particular emphasis on the agro-food and environmental areas and their links to health and well-being.
The PhD in Biotechnology degree has been awarded to more than 120 students and its success is linked to the prestigious ESB’s associated Research Centre in Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry - CBQF, that develops and disseminates, to the economic and social sectors, state of the art knowledge in areas of great importance to the country and to the health and welfare of its citizens. In the last five years, CBQF produced around 350 peer-reviewed publications in ISI international journals and 14 national or international patents.
A relevant contribution to the development of entrepreneurship skills of PhD students is given by ESB’s start-ups incubator that supported the development of more than 30 business projects.
It is our main goal that each ESB graduate will have a unique profile of competence and creativity and will be prepared for the upcoming challenges of the industrial sector and the academic community.

Prof. Doutora Isabel Vasconcelos


Este programa doutoral é co-financiado pelo Fundo Social Europeu (FSE), através do Programa NORTE2020, no âmbito do projeto BIOTECH.DOC (NORTE-08-5369-FSE-000007)




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