Course Coordination

All questions regarding each course, whether undergraduate, graduate (master’s or doctorate) or postgraduate studies, can and should be addressed to the corresponding coordinator. Below are the names and email addresses of each ESB coordinator.

First cycle coordinator: Paula Teixeira

Degree in Bioengineering

Paula Teixeira and Pedro Rodrigues

Degree in Microbiology

Freni Tavaria

Degree in Nutritional Sciences

Marta Correia


Second Cycle Coordinator: Ana Gomes

Master's Degree in Biotechnology and Innovation

Ana Gomes

Master's Degree in Food Engineering

Cristina Silva

Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering

Ana Leite Oliveira

Master's Degree in Applied Microbiology

Célia Manaia

European Master’s Degree in Sustainable Food Systems Engineering, Technology and Business (BiFTec-FOOD4S)

Rui Morais


Postgraduate Studies

Post-graduation in Food Safety

Paula Teixeira

Post-graduation in Oenology

José António Couto

Post-graduation in Nutrition and Aging

Ana Gomes and Elisabete Pinto

Post-graduation in Pediatric Nutrition

Elisabete Pinto, Ana Gomes and Carla Rêgo

Post-graduation in Food Innovation

Ana Gomes

Post-graduation in Data Science in Biomedicine

Pedro Rodrigues


Third Cycle Coordinator: Cristina Silva

PhD in Biotechnology

António Rangel

PhD in Food Science and Technology and Nutrition

Isabel Vasconcelos (local coordination at the ESB) and José Teixeira (global coordination at the University of Minho)