Open Week at the Faculty of Biotechnology: Innovative Experiences and Scientific Discoveries

Thursday, April 18, 2024 - 11:56

For three intense days, approximately 1000 high school students had the opportunity to dive into the world of biotechnology, participating in over 30 experiments promoted by researchers of the Centre of Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry (CBQF) and students at the Faculty of Biotechnology (ESB) of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

"Green Roofs: Harvesting Rainwater in Cities", "Biomaterials in Combating Chronic Wounds", "The Secret to the Freshness of Menthol Pastilles", and "Traditional Bakery: Yeasts in Action" are just a few examples of the many available experiments that brought students closer to Science through a practical and interactive approach.

"The Open Week at the Faculty of Biotechnology was a great showcase of Bioengineering, Microbiology, and Nutrition, where we explored developments ranging from sustainable food to circular economy, from microchemistry to artificial intelligence, and even personalized health optimization. Through games, quizzes, and a lot of experimentation, we managed to pique the curiosity of these young people and remind them that they are creative. The enthusiasm, the questions asked, and the words of appreciation from all the teachers are enough to make us believe that the Open Week was a success” says Paula Castro, Director of the Faculty of Biotechnology.


An immersive experience in science and biotechnology

The initiative, which took place from April 10 to 12, provided participants with a fascinating immersion in the world of biotechnology, exploring topics such as food safety, waste utilization, bioelectronic analysis, and much more.

"I think it's important for the University to promote these types of activities to foster an exchange between high school students and university students and, subsequently, for high school students to gain a broader perspective on university courses and dynamics" says Magda Guimarães, Physics and Chemistry teacher at Escola Secundária Alexandre Herculano, in Porto.

Nádia Soares, a 12th-grade student at Escola Básica e Secundária Oliveira Júnior, in São João da Madeira, was one of the participants in the Open Week: "These are good initiatives, and they make a lot of sense because they allow me, as a 12th grade student, to get to know the environment, the teams, the laboratories, and the entire work environment."

Teresa Cardoso, Biology teacher at Escola Secundária Gaia Nascente, shares that the Open Week "is extremely important because students have no idea about the different activities, they can develop in these higher education units; it is an asset for students, and, just like last year, students were able to get a better perception of what they wanted to pursue in the university.

It is important for us to participate because eventually we will have to choose a course and, in this way, we get to know the courses and all the characteristics, and thus we can choose better” are the words of Camilo Batista, an 11th grade student at Escola Secundária Alexandre Herculano.

The Open Week at the Faculty of Biotechnology was once again a success, providing young students with an immersive experience in science and biotechnology. By offering a variety of practical and interactive activities, the event sparked the interest of participants and contributed to nurturing future talents in this area.

Semana Aberta na Escola Superior de Biotecnologia

Semana Aberta na Escola Superior de Biotecnologia - 01


Semana Aberta na Escola Superior de Biotecnologia - 02


Semana Aberta na Escola Superior de Biotecnologia - 03


Semana Aberta na Escola Superior de Biotecnologia - 04