3rd INSURE.hub Conference on Innovation, Sustainability and Regeneration

Thursday, November 16, 2023 - 09:00 to Friday, November 17, 2023 - 19:00
Universidade Católica Portuguesa in Porto and Planetiers are pleased to invite you to the 3rd Conference of the INSURE HUB. The event will take place on November 16th and 17th. Innovation, Sustainability and Regeneration are the key topics of the conference that will take place at the UCP Porto campus.

The aim of the conference is to bring together students, researchers, and industry professionals discussing topics related to innovation, sustainability and regeneration. We intend to prepare a program that aims to be at the forefront in the international landscape, having the contribution of professionals and leaders that have been directly involved in disruptive, circular, sustainable and/or regenerative innovation processes applied in practice.

The programme presents the most national and international recent developments on these topics and has two distinct parts: (i) the Academic Branch (November 16th), dedicated to academic presentations; and (ii) the Industry Branch (November 17th), with the presentation of 6 case studies and the intervention of Manuela Veloso, Head of J.P. Morgan AI Research & Herbert A. Simon University Professor Emeritus in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.


10h00 Opening
  INSURE Co-Leaders

Innovation, Sustainability and Regeneration as key component of Universities's Social Responsability
Peter Hanenberg | Vice-Rector, UCP
10h15 Oral Presentations
  Natural Sciences Session
Chair: Célia Manaia
Carvalho Guerra Auditorium
Social Sciences Session
Chair: António Vasconcelos
Room EC105
  Title Authors (presenter in bold) Title Authors (presenter in bold)
10h15 Food Safety in Sustainable Local Production of Fruits and Vegetables in Braga and Porto districts MACIEIRA, Ariana; TEIXEIRA, Paula The pricing of sustainable syndicated loan ALVES, Paulo; GONÇALVES, Jorge; PINTO, João
10h30 Transforming Food Production and Waste Management: A Regenerative Approach for Community Empowerment and Environmental Sustainability OTI, Derrick ARTE4US Sustainability at the local level – awareness and literacy with an artistic approach SARMENTO, Teresa; SELADA, Catarina
10h45 "Unlocking the potential of orange juice side streams: a cascade extraction approach to develop food bio-based ingredients" VILAS-BOAS, Ana; GÓMEZ-GARCIA, Ricardo; MAGALHÃES, Daniela; RODRIGUES, Cristina; CAMPOS, Débora; CORREIA, Marta; PINTADO, Manuela The Corporate Social Responsibility with Female Leadership PASSOS, Clotilde; RIBEIRO, C.; SOBRAL, S.; PEREIRA, P.
11h00 Green and Reliability Method to Extract Phenylethyl Isothiocyanate in a circular economy approach SOUSA, Ana Sofia; COSCUETA, Ezequiel; SOUSA, Sérgio, SILVA, Inês V; REIS, Celso A; PINTADO, Manuela SOLL for an education aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals MAGALHÃES, Andreia; ANDRADE, António; ALVES, José Matias
11h15 Promoting business transformation in supply chain demand forecasting through supervised learning GONÇALVES, João Nuno From Risk to Opportunity: Financial Instruments for Tackling Climate Change PITERMAN, Marcel
11h30 Coffee Break
12h00 Special Session
  The Green Deal and the EU’s Economic Model
  • Annette Bongardt / FCH and Católica Lisbon, UCP; and CICP, U. Évora
  • Francisco Torres / FCH and Católica Lisbon, UCP
Moderator: Jorge Portugal, COTEC Portugal
13h00 Network lunch (registrations until November, 12)
14h30 Oral Presentations
  Natural Sciences Session.
Chair: João Cortez
Carvalho Guerra Auditorium
Social Sciences Session.
Chair: João Pinto
Room EC105
  Title Authors (presenter in bold) Title Authors (presenter in bold)
14h30 Communication in Pharmaceutical Industry in Hybrid Work Environments: Info Wants and Info Seeking Actions of Portuguese Neurologist BARRETO, Amilcar Not All Eggs in One Basket: The Need for New Product Portfolio Management HUIZINGH, Eelko; BIJ, Hans van der
14h45 High-fibre breakfast cereals products by valorisation of food industry by-products SANTOS, Diva; PINTADO, Manuela; SILVA, José Lopes da Science for the Common Good: the contribution of Integral Ecology for Curriculum Innovation CARVALHO, Cristina Sá
15h00 BioShoes4All, Towards Sustainable Footwear: Integrating Agro-Food Byproducts for Eco-Friendly Shoe Components  SILVA, Sara; PINTADO, Manuela Narratives on sustainability in education: a close look at the Portuguese Educational Policies SANTOS, Ana Paula; SOARES, Diana; COSTA, Marisa; UCHÔA, Nayla
15h15 Rhodococcus sp. ED55 – a bacterial strain with potential for application in wastewater treatment for effective removal of endocrine disruptors MOREIRA, Irina; ELY, Cyntia; MURGOLO, Sapia, BASSIN, João Paulo, DEZOTTI, Márcia W.; MASCOLO, Giuseppe, CASTRO, Paula RegChain: is Regulatory Technology innovating with Blockchain? ANASTACIO, Rachel
15h30 Mycopigments for a sustainable textile industry RAMOS, Miguel; PAULO, Ana; CASTRO, Paula Promoting Integral Human Development to innovation and business transformation: And what if a territory changes for the better? ARAUJO, Maria Alexandra; ABALROADO, Tiago; CARVALHO, Cristina Sá; SANTOS, Maria Isabel; NUNES, Maria Vânia Silva
15h45 Sustainable crop cultivation: integrated use of extracellular polymeric substances, biochar, and bioinoculants to enhance maize growth PEREIRA, Sofia Almeida; OVERALL, Alexandra; MOREIRA, Helena; SOUSA, Ana S.S; CASTRO, Paula ESG Framework and Financial Performance PIMENTEL, Rúben Tiago
16h00 Wrap up and closing of oral presentations
16h15 Coffee Break
16h45 Round Table
  Innovation and Sustainability: how can universities and organizations converge and collaborate?
  • Jenny Lao Phillips | Dean, Faculty of Business and Law, University of Saint Joseph (Macau, China)
  • Ricardo Ferreira Reis | Director, CESOP, UCP
  • Filipe Araújo | Vice-President, Porto Municipality
  • Miguel Pinto | Managing Director, Continental Advanced Antenna Portugal, The Portuguese Business Association (AEP)
  • Luis Magalhães | Head of Tax, KPMG
Moderator: Paula Castro | Dean, Faculty of Biotechnology, UCP


14h30 Opening Industry branch
  Isabel Braga da Cruz | Pro-Rector, UCP

Industry Cases
  • Bondalti | Vasco Granadeiro
  • Ingenio Magdalena | Jorge Leal
  • Mendes Gonçalves | Diogo Figueira
    Wrap up & discussion | Manuela Pintado
  • Domus Social | Pedro Baganha
  • Sarcol | Alexandra Magalhães 
  • Águas de Monchique | Vitor Hugo Gonçalves
    Wrap up & discussion | Luis Rochartre
17h00 Coffee break network
17h30 Keynote corner
  Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities

Keynote speaker: Manuela Veloso | Head of J.P. Morgan AI Research & Herbert A. Simon University Professor Emeritus in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University

Comments: Alexandre Palma | Faculty of Theology, UCP


KPMG Best Paper Presentation Award - Natural Sciences
MDS Best Paper Presentation Award - Social Sciences

Conclusion and 4th INSURE Conference Announcement


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