Think Big in Biotechnology Forum: the event that challenges the world to bio-innovation

Monday, October 31, 2022 - 12:00

“Accelerate bio-innovation, now!” is the theme of the 4th edition of the “Biotechnology Innovation Forum: Think Big in Biotechnology”, an event organized by the Católica Porto Alumni Biotechnology and the Faculty of Biotechnology (ESB). The winners of the Amyris Innovation BIG Impact Award, an Innovation in Biotechnology contest promoted in partnership with Amyris Inc, its main sponsor, will be announced at this online event on November 12th.

Highlighting and discussing the importance of preparing the ground for bio-based innovation is one of the main objectives of the “Think Big in Biotechnology Forum”, which aims to create synergies between Biotechnology and other areas, to develop critical thinking, to promote ideas innovative solutions and create a safe space for open debate that fosters healthy growth.

The event will consist of two panels. The first, under the theme “Accelerating bio-innovation”, will feature Delfim Ferreira, an analyst at McKinsey and Co, Luís Garrido, CEO of Cell4Food, Maria João Maia, CEO of Corium Biotech, and Sérgio Silva, CTO of Adapttech. The second panel, which will focus on the theme “Discussing the last generation in biotechnological innovation”, will be attended by Benedita Chaves, from LIPOR, John Melo, CEO of Amyris, and José Fernando Pinto dos Santos, professor from INSEAD and visiting professor at the Universidade Católica in Porto.

As Biotechnology is the application of biological organisms and processes for the development of new products and services, in the medical, environmental, agricultural or other areas, the event aims to build bridges, promote dialogue and allow the creation of knowledge applicable to the world and to the needs of society.

We intend to raise the awareness of professionals in this area, who need to be increasingly able to cross domains and speak to the public in a responsible way about the wider implications around the engine of innovation that is biotechnology”, says Ana Leite Oliveira, researcher at the CBQF, and Hugo Choupina and Anabela Veiga, from ALUMNI, members of the FIB 2022 organization.

This edition will host the Amyris Innovation BIG Impact Award, an innovation competition in Biotechnology promoted by Católica Porto Alumni Biotechnology, in partnership with ESB, and Amyris Inc, as its main sponsor. The competition is now in its 2nd edition and aims to promote innovation in Biotechnology as a fundamental engine of economic development and aims to promote new processes, technologies or services that are simultaneously marketable and sustainable, with a great positive and measurable impact on society.

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