Packaging Materials and Systems

5 ECTS / Semester / English

Objectives and competences

To give to the students the knowledge and ability to select packaging systems and to solve packaging related problems within food industries, applying prior knowledge in food chemistry, microbiology, food technology and mass transfer processes. The students should know the major packaging systems for foods and beverages in what concerns the materials, properties and their relationship with the foods shelf-life and performance in the supply chain. The students should learn how to apply mathematical tools for shelf-life simulation. They should get knowledge and skills on laboratory testing for identification and characterisation of packaging materials, barrier properties and food compatibility. The students should also know the legislation and related aspects regarding materials safety, in particular potential contaminants and control and assessment methods.


Teaching Methodologies

Theoretical sessions for concepts presentation
Theoretical-practical sessions for solving exercises
Laboratories and report
Development of group project assignment with oral presentation and written report



Introduction. Functions and requirements of food packages. Materials and systems (glass, metal, plastic, paper and board, combined materials). New materials. Packaging and preservation technologies. Materials for food contact. Shelf-life of packaged food. Packaging and the environment.

Resolution of exercises about food packaging interaction, legislation, food contact materials and shelf-life.

Physical testes for materials identification and characterisation, permeability testing and migration essays.


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