Food Safety And Quality II

5 ECTS / Semester / Portuguese

Objectives and competences

Develop knowledge about practical and theoretical aspects related to the maintenance of quality and safety in the food chain and in particular in commercial operators.
KNOWLEDGE: Understand the concept of Risk in the context of food safety. Understand the concept of quality in the context of the supply chain and the role of certification of the chain discipline. Know in detail the main relevant standards for quality and safety in companies.

APPLICATION: Knowing how to identify and prepare the necessary processes to manage food quality and safety in a company.


Teaching Methodologies

 A combination of classic lectures, independent work (including the development of case studies), exercises based on document analysis (system implementation and auditing) and classroom discussions.



Theoretical and Practical Classes:
Revision of Food Hygiene , including specific measures for small businesses.  Food defense and food fraud. Food Safety Culture
Risk in food safety; path between science, regulations and other requirements.

Product quality and the supply chain of food products. Traceability.
The ecosystem of certifications.  Case study development for Organic Production, Rainforest Alliance and Global GAP - Chain of Custody schemes.
Food safety and quality systems. Audits.


Associate Professor
PhD in Food Science and Technology from the University of Reading UK & Habilitation in the same discipline by the Catholic University of Portugal. Currently…
Senior Technician
1995-Licenciatura Eng. Alimentar-ESB-UCP 1998-Pós graduação Gestão da Qualidade para o setor Agro-Alimentar-ESB-UCP 2002-Especialização Controlo da…